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​Afsana Atar

Afsana is an accomplished Software Test Engineer with over 10 years of experience working with clients like Google, Principal and IBM. She has a dual graduate degree in Masters in Computer Information Systems with Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Boston University, Massachusetts. She extends her thought leadership to teams in a variety of domains from digital advertising, education & healthcare to the financial sector in banking, insurance & trading. She is a Certified Scrum Master(CSM), Product Owner(CSPO), an Agile scrum practitioner and part of the scrum alliance community. Some of her skills include managing projects in agile, learning new techs and processes in quality assurance to improve her daily tasks. 

When she is done donning hats at work, she spends time writing technical books and articles for blogs and magazines.

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Afsana Atar

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​Scrum Master (CSM, A-CSM), Product Owner (CSPO)

My Latest Books

JIRA 8 Recipes Released!

I'm so happy to release my latest video course, JIRA 8 Recipes where I'll cover topics to help JIRA users and managers in using JIRA 8 to manage their projects. I will also provide some tips & tricks for JIRA administrators to customize JIRA for their organization's needs.

Also, there's some good news for the developers who wanted to get started with developing for the Atlassian Marketplace. This course will cover steps in creating custom add-ons for the JIRA application.

JIRA 8 Recipes

​Learn to use JIRA 8 to manage your agile projects and develop useful plugins for the Atlassian marketplace

Test Management with JIRA

Learn the best practices for software testing with JIRA 8 and model industry workflows that can be used during the software development life cycle.