Where are we headed with AI in Software Testing?

Let’s learn what differentiates exploratory testing from a traditional scripted approach and how traditional test strategies blend with exploratory testing. Check out my new article about the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the last bastion of manual testing in the July issue of  TestMagazine. Feel free to share and add your comments at devopsonline. […]

Exploring Data Engineering on AWS

Migrating your infrastructure to another location can be a stressful and fiddly experience, not helped by the fact you can’t just simply move your files, scripts and database. I started exploring options on moving our company data ops infrastructure onto a more flexible and scalable environment. As far as cloud solutions go, AWS and Google […]

Dashboarding with the ELK(Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) Stack

My recent internship at Audience Partners presented me an opportunity to create a dashboard which would help in “Display Reach Analysis” on Campaign operations data. The primary source of the data being the DSPs that help in serving ADs with the publishers. As a proof of concept to create a data pipeline, I utilized the […]